New member joins PlantHive !

New member joins PlantHive !

Dear friends, followers and backers,

We are happy to announce that a new member is joining our team: Dr. Dornbusch, PhD. He has 10 years of research experience on plant phenotyping with expertise on image and statistical data analytics. Prior to joining us, he was working for LemnaTec, a global player in providing plant phenotyping hardware and solutions.

Dr. Dornbusch is taking over as Chief of Operations and push the next step in our business concept. His initial primary task will be the development and implementation of our software concept, which ultimately will be applicable to various indoor hardware solutions.

Dr. Dornbusch has already contributed to the design, application and test of our multispectral imaging concept (cf previous blog article). We are convinced that this concept will be an interesting use case for the broader vertical/indoor farming industry. Needless to say that our team is very happy that an expert is joining forces with our project. We are looking forward to sharing more news concerning this collaboration.

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