2017 Highlights

2017 Highlights

We wish to dearly thank our followers, friends and family for their support so far in our adventure. Product development was our middle name this year! We went from a handcrafted laser-cut wooden prototype that was semi-functional to say the least, to our fully functional 3D printed alpha series in less than twelve months.

We have to admit, printing our alpha series was quite the hustle, but it was worth our while! We were quite pleased with the results, and building our first batch ourselves gave us tremendous insights on how to properly design hardware. Truth be told, we go ourselves some extra help from experienced engineers! Our feasibility study with Sirris helped us a lot in understanding the challenges ahead.

But 2017 involved a lot of networking as well! We were invited twice to Brussels’ “Tour et Taxis” to showcase our product during HackBlegium 2017 and Digital first 2017. The Web Summit in Lisbon was yet another awesome experience! Traveling abroad to attend such a big event was quite the adventure, even though we didn’t get the chance to bring along a PlantHive Alpha.

We are looking forward to 2018 and the challenges ahead of us!

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