Production update #2

Production update #2

Dear PlantHive enthusiasts and Indiegogo backers,

We are taking the final development steps before ordering the spare parts of our Smart Gardens for assembly and shipping. We still though need some more time to work on the last details of our electronic components. Our LED panel has been fully revised, and we are proud to announce that it will be much more efficient and versatile than our previous model!

We’re also getting close to the finishing line of our mechanical structure’s design for this first batch. We will start fitting-in the electronics and decide for mounting holes and cable harnesses during the few next weeks, and will order the spare parts from our manufacturers shortly.

We realize now that our first production-run is more of a landmark than a milestone. Despite us experiencing a delay – something not uncommon for hardware startups – we are determined to deliver our backers with a quality product and in the timeliest manner possible. Our forecast for shipping is beginning of April 2019.

We remain confident on the quality of our first batch, and are sure that our PlantHive Smart Gardens will come-in very handy in our users’ urban farming adventures!

Stay tuned for more PlantHive news!

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