changelog 2017-07-21

changelog 2017-07-21

Author: Hassan

Visibility: Access via url, Unprotected

IMPORTANT: The process of installing the automated firmware updates solution with GitLab requires all future updates to be validated and integrated through GitLab.

Do not deliver any copy that hasn’t been validated! Please contact the admin for more info.



  • software: upgraded to ‘alpha-stable’
  • software: integrated dimmer and unified PWM calls
  • software: AI/automated routine is now running on software
  • software: created git support for future software updates infrastructure
  • software: tweaked data collection time to 1h
  • webapp: cleaned up web application database causing long response time
  • webapp: added ‘manual’ and ‘auto’ support to LEDs on both application and software
  • webapp: added dimming sliders support to application UI
  • webapp: implemented password change for application users
  • webapp: tested on php7 – all good so far
  • landing: added Login to landing page
  • landing: added Subscriber exportation and listing support
  • landing: added ‘admin’ user
  • blog: upgraded blog theme
  • blog: hidden pages can now be created
  • domain: transfer of to GoDaddy (ongoing)

Software “alpha-stable” Changelog

  • Integrated DimmerController
    • supported:
      • LEDs panel
      • Indicator panel
      • Fans,
      • Air pump
    • added methods to execute all channels at once
    • integrated Web Application dimming spinner for manual control
      • added manual mode and auto mode
      • added support for dimming (max wait 3 min)
  • Integrated automated script that runs every 1 minute through cron
    • the Fan located near LEDs panel will start when the LEDs are on
    • indicator panel checkup :
      • power
      • internet connection
      • app identification
      • video on usb
      • environement status
    • air temperature, humidity, water temperature and moisture are now used to control the environment
  • Updated installation process
    • updated libs
      • Adafruit
      • nodejs
      • pusher-client
      • deprecated options in install menu
    • added clock to sensors installation
    • updated CRON entries
    • added missing sudo’s
    • added python script for hwclock
  • Git updates
    • added Git reporter account
    • created alpha-stable branch
    • updated .gitignore and cleaned up worktree
    • created corresponding email account
  • Updated the configurations of the firmware
    • added a JSON file to collect registered calls to PWM
    • keys.ini updated
    • added GPIO global power support, called before and after sensors’ calls
  • Hard compared code in repository and code in raspberry
  • Reinitialization results:
    • Copy old version for backup
    • Turn off Raspberry
    • Unplug SD card
    • Reset partitions on SD card (with Paragon Partition)
    • Write Raspbian to SD card (Jessie version 2017-07-05, with Win32 Disk Imager)
    • Plug SD card in Raspberry
    • Plug Ethernet
    • Turn on
    • Connect to Screen
    • Activate SSH
    • Connect through SSH
    • Open SSH and HTTP ports on router
    • Install and Test
  • Current tasks
    • Updates by git
    • Complete automation routine (airpump) @chicco
    • Integrate formula’s changes @chicco
    • Integrate script for PowerButton @chicco