Hello World!

Hello World!

Hello world!

We are PlantHive, a team of technology enthusiasts that decided to come together and try to find solutions for tomorrow’s problems. The way we see things, a sustainable and stable food supply is going to play a crucial role in the future of our cities. We thus decided to create a new project in which we aim in merging plants and machines. We are a multicultural, multilingual and multidisciplinary team looking to be part of the next agricultural revolution.

Our team was founded two years ago, when Hassan S. and myself. came up with the idea of creating a fully automated Internet-of-Things personal food computer that allows one to monitor and control one’s plants from anywhere, anytime.

Since then,  Hassan and myself joined forces with Yanni G.P., Hadrien v.D., Federico L. and Nathalie d. M., to create an IoT smart garden fit for growing aromatic herbs, small fruits, small vegetables, medicinal and decorative plants. We called it PlantHive.

We are currently prototyping our up-coming technology and brainstorming the design of our final product.

Keep in touch, more info will be available soon on our blog!

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