Prototyping our LED Panels 

Prototyping our LED Panels 

Hello everybody!

We’ve been through a lot of prototyping so far, especially on hardware and electronics, but the most visually-striking one is about to start! Hop on board this journey on how we managed to create LED panels that are now vastly superior to the industry standard.

At the start we ordered some ready-made LED panels that had a nice design and decent specs. However, these turned out to be worthless when it comes to growing plants. This led us to the conclusion that we had to create our own horticultural panels with our spectra of choice, instead of being limited to the manufacturers’ specifications.

Before drafting our shopping list, we made sure to do our due diligence and gained access to university papers on how to optimize our light spectra for crop-growing. Once the shopping basket was processed and delivered, we went ahead and did a few sessions of gluing, cutting, soldering, screwing and recycling spare parts from old electronic appliances.

The result was a series of DIY, custom made, highly efficient LED panels for our prototypes.

After our quite successful prototyping iteration, our Chief Mad Scientist, Federico “Chicco” L., decided to push the boundaries even further and added a dimmable functionality. Now the light spectrum of our prototypes can vary to better mimic natural light cycles.

Fast forward a few weeks later and there he was with the final version of a fully dimmable LED panel.


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