Crowdsourcing Week

Crowdsourcing Week


One of the big challenges for a startup company is to find funding.

Networking is something that helps in order to prove that, as a company, you have true potential to succeed into launching a successful product.

The Crowd Sourcing Week was an event we attended in Brussels in order to get in touch with a few micro investors

and even if, so far, it didn’t yield much, it was a good experience to practice our pitching.

Apart from the usual tit-tat you’ll read about pitching to investors, I want to take a moment to tell you what the advantages and disadvantages you can face when trying to launch hardware as a startup.

Here’s the bad: investors will often sigh and immediately think of all the downsides whenever you start pitching to them.

This is because many of them know that you’ll have to deal with logistics, customer service nightmares, certification and more $.

What you have to try and do is find those investors who are familiar with the type of hardware you’re trying to develop.

This will already be a big plus when pitching since they know how the business goes.

The second thing you can do is present them with solutions of potential problems they might bring up as examples.


Now onto the pretty: whenever you give a presentation, you won’t be another fish trying to develop this unreal app that is going to change the planet… for a few days. But you will be that one startup that is actually bringing a tangible product that people can admire, touch and smell.

This is something extremely rewarding and if your presentation is good and your product or prototype works during the demo, you’ll convince many people.

So get out there and do something amazing!

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