Our feasibility study with Sirris

Our feasibility study with Sirris

Hello everybody!

We are proud to announce that we collaborated with the research center Sirris on the feasibility study of our Internet of Things greenhouse.


Sirris is the leading research center of the Belgian industry, that helps companies develop and effectively implement technological innovations. We were offered the possibility to collaborate with their experts and engineers, as well as have access to their state-of-the-art infrastructure.

We have been maintaining very good relations with Sirris since the very beginning of our project. We have had the opportunity to meet and discuss with experts on IT development and IT security, business development, but most important, mechatronics and materials engineers. This collaboration enabled us to acquire the best results possible for the Alpha and Beta version of our product, as well the plans for industrializing and scaling-up our manufacturing process.

BoxExpolded3D schematics

The final design of our Alpha and Beta version was based on our own product design, taking into account our specifications on cost, functionality and ease-of-use.

Sirris is on stand-by for our next iterations on product development, and have suggested numerous improvements for our Internet of Things greenhouse.

We would like to thank the Sirris team for their help support throughout our project during these last two years.


We will be regularly blogging about our product development, key partnerships, and collaborations with industry experts! Stand by for more news and don’t forget to check out our landing page,


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