Diner with the Belgian King and Queen

Diner with the Belgian King and Queen

A few days ago, I received an invitation to the Laeken Castle to dine with the King and Queen of Belgium. Needless to say, being very surprised, I went ahead and called the Palace to check whether someone was praniking me! Turns-out this was no prank at all…

Last week, on Thursday 7th September, I had the honor to dine with King Philippe and Queen Mathilde of Belgium, at the beautiful Laeken castle, which is famous for its 18th century greenhouses.

Royal greenhouses of Laeken

The Royal dinner was very exclusive, and there was absolutely no information about such past occasions available on the Internet. I was invited among only 23 other young entrepreneurs, and we were divided in 4 groups in order to have enough time to talk with both of them. I had the pleasure to enjoy my appetizer with the King and have dinner at the Queen’s table. Needless to say that the food was simply fantastic.

I am really looking forward to visiting the renowned tropical and cold greenhouses of the Laeken Castle next time!

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