Testing the PlantHive Alphas

Testing the PlantHive Alphas

Last summer, we decided to launch our first PlantHive batch, dedicated exclusively to our Alpha testers. After roughly 100kg of printing filament and 500 hours of 3D printing, the first results came-in! While our Alpha testers started with soil, we decided to test the PlantHive’s hydroponic capabilities.

Hydroponic Arugula growing in the PlantHive

Our smart garden has proven itself an excellent tool for very quick growth cycles of leafy greens and micro-greens. The leafy greens we tested were ready for consumption in less than 30 days after germination, and micro-greens grew in a matter of days.

Ready-to-harvest hydroponic Basil in the PlantHive


But this was just the first round of testing. We didn’t mount the PlantHive with 100W of PAR optimized LEDs to grow leafy greens… We are currently testing fruiting plants, and we expect results in the next few months!

So stay-tuned on our website and blog for our report on small fruits and vegetables, as well as our time time-lapses!

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