“Prototype” and “Arrow Certified Technology” badges!

“Prototype” and “Arrow Certified Technology” badges!

Hey PlantHive enthusiasts!

We recently acquired the “Prototype” and “Arrow Certified Technology” badges on our Indiegogo campaign. These two badges are extremely important for us, as they demonstrate our capability to deliver our backers in a timely manner.

The “Prototype” badge is related to the company’s product stage, and is given by Indiegogo to campaigns that have proven to have developed an actual working prototype! On the other hand, Arrow Electronics, Indiegogo’s engineering branch, gives the “Arrow Certified Technology” badge, after a series of interviews, to campaigns that have demonstrated the technical feasibility of their promised products.

For this reason, we have decided to stretch our campaign for 30 more days!

Stay tuned on our website and blog for more PlantHive news!


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